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As Conscious Company, we believe in social responsibility and the authentic acceptance and appreciation of others. This drives our endeavor to contribute to the wellbeing of our clients, staff, ownership, community, and the environment.   Our conscious values are filtered throughout all we do at BONUM.  

Founded in 2008  we have big plans to transform business as usual and invite everyone to join us as we pioneer a future where doing business is doing good for all.  Its in our name, BONUM, from the Latin expression summum bonum, "the highest good".  A term used in medieval philosophy to describe the singular and overriding end which human beings ought to pursue. 


Devising solutions for age-old business challenges may seem impossible, but by drawing on a network of successful international leaders and tapping into the historical knowledge of research, together we can move mountains.  

Magnified Grass

September 2020, BONUM launched MetaTalk, dedicated forging a better workplace from within, to address the needs of the 44% of staff, 40% mid-level managers and 41% of C-level execs who report declines in mental health due to COVID19 (Qualtrics, 2020). 


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