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dedicated to forging a better workplace from within

FOR BUSINESS The people at the heart of organizations are the ones that address the challenges of today. We empower leaders to inspire innovation by bringing out the best in their people, creating a resilient company culture, and fantastic place to work. We use MetaTalk or critical questioning about how people think and communicate to uncover the the hidden dialog at the heart of belief systems which drive behavior. Our corporate wellness programs are unique in that they consider wellness in the context of diverse identities. [Schedule a Consultation]

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FOR EVERYONE Designed to address the decline in mental health due to COVID19, MetaTalk includes an openly available social media platform with weekly insights, lessons, and a guided meditation hypnosis podcast. We offer personalized hypnotherapy sessions with hourly and package pricing. Beginner-friendly on your favorite sites, for those looking to increase focus, creativity, patience, and relax in the new normal. 


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This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment- always seek the advice of your mental health provider.

How does this guide compare to our workplace wellness services? BONUM solutions are customized to our clients to be a transformative experience, which involves: 

(1) understanding your needs (2) setting goals, objectives and measures (3) designing client-centered curriculum and immersive activities (4) delivering the program in a dynamic format  

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Subject to availability. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Zoom link is sent with the confirmation email.  Sessions require payment in full. Refundable with 24 hour notice of cancellation. FREE CONSULTATIONS
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