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Moving Forward after the Storming of the Capitol

A day after the storming of the nation's Capitol and the mood, post-reaction, is exhaustion as many were already existing in a dissociative state to get through these challenging times.

Some leaders have responded in complicity, whether with words or silence. Others have hesitated to say anything with a 47 – 51 political split seemingly guaranteeing ostracization of half of their audience. Still some leaders speak, yet are criticized for not saying enough or speaking with clarity.

To be clear, racism exists globally. No matter the endless list of depraved acts, unfortunately there will always be people who refuse to believe [that even the holocaust happened]. Keeping the list is important- coming together to take the next steps is critical.

Silence and silencing others is not the answer, regardless of beliefs (with exceptions e.g., hate speech). To do so (1) is another form of oppression, (2) negates the dialog needed to find common ground, and (3) creates space for dangerous unspoken bias that is acted upon unchecked.

2020 taught many companies that sitting on the sidelines, being neutral is no longer possible. There has to be a non-partisan line that all agree should never be crossed. Leaders, condemn the acts against democracy and acknowledge racism. The acknowledgement will not extinguish the pain of centuries of marginalization, but is a positive step forward.

What many seek will not be realized for generations – when true equality has become commonplace.

Recommended Reading: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell


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