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  • BONUM Staff

Country of Origin & Success in Language Programs

Does where a student comes from relate to how well they'll perform in an English language program? The results of a recent longitudinal study say, yes (Colon, 2018).

However country of origin only accounts for 1% of the variance in completion rates. Meaning there is a variable (or variables) out there that are a stronger indicator of success.

None-the-less the descriptive information is notable. From 2004-2014, U.S. English language program completion rates for the leading ten countries of origin for enrollment varied:

student in language program
  • South Korea 35%

  • Japan 56%

  • Saudi Arabia 16%!

  • China 22%

  • Taiwan 51%

  • Brazil 65%

  • Thailand 23%

  • Turkey 39%

  • Colombia 57%

  • Mexico 69%

Although not a leading country of origin for enrollment, Switzerland had a notable average completion rate of 92% Consider these rates in the context of the overall English language program completion rate of 40%.

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