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We've Protested Now What

BLM Protesters, diversity equity inclusion

We’ve posted & protested, but where do we go from here [in the workplace]? While working with a VA community college, BONUM's Managing Director, Dr. Valeriana Colon, was involved in several exemplar initiatives

  1. DEI Coalition, which created a supportive community & an ‘action space’ drawing on internal & external experts to strategically support DEI

  2. President’s Task Force, comprised of key executive leadership & stakeholders to circumvent red tape & immediately address pressing issues

  3. On-going Professional Development, which culminated in a PARTICIPANT-led conference that asked critical questions surrounding race, sexual orientation, gender, economic background, disability, age, religion, & familial status.

What commitments to change will your organization make?

Read Dr. Colon's feature in the FreeLance Star Newspaper

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