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BONUM offers hourly, project-based and packaged pricing. For hourly and project-based pricing we use a needs analysis to determine the necessary expertise, and project elements before presenting you with a quote. Our tasks are divided into the following categories:

Executive: Complex tasks that require extensive experience and business acumen. Starts at $150/hr

Managerial: Operational tasks that include organization, coordination, and directing the allocation of resources. Starts at $40/hr

Administrative: Basic data processing and tasks that require entry-level experience and skills, Starts at $15/hr  

Business Proposals (RFP): A product of our business development services, pricing ranges between 3-6% of the contract value or $100/page. High value federal RFPs are typically between $5 -10K+. A general proposal template starts $450 for 6 pages.

As a conscious company, BONUM believes in fair pricing practices and transparency.  Our pricing is competitive with the market to meet the needs of our clients while making a profit to contribute to our community, staff, and investors. Minimums are subject to change to meet livable wage standards.


     Strategy          Standard          Focused

         Call               Advising           Advising

     1 hour                5x 1 hour             10x 1 hour

    $120                      $570                     $1080

                                 Save 5%               Save 10%


     Basic    Standard    Premium

    [Seed]        [Grow]           [Thrive]

Review & Critique Past Plan

Executive Summary

Company Description

Industry & Competitor Analysis

Customer Analysis

Tailored Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis

Financial Forecast

Outreach Message



Delivery Time


   4                    7                      10

   1                    2                       3

   7                   14                     29

$450             $750               $1050

Business Plan starter pricing, a product of strategic planning services. *Exact page count varies. Costs can range between $3,000 and $20,000 for 30+ pages depending on complexity.


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Digital Downloads

Please note: While we build our digital inventory our self-checkout feature has been disabled  All services can be paid for online through a Quickbooks quote or Cash App