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BONUM offers hourly, project-based and packaged pricing. For hourly and project-based pricing we use a needs analysis to determine the necessary expertise, and project elements before presenting you with a quote. Our tasks are divided into the following categories:

Executive: Complex tasks that require extensive experience and business acumen. Starts at $150/hr

Managerial: Operational tasks that include organization, coordination, and directing the allocation of resources. Starts at $40/hr

Administrative: Basic data processing and tasks that require entry-level experience and skills, Starts at $15/hr  

Business Proposals (RFP): A product of our business development services, pricing ranges between 3-6% of the contract value or $100/page. High value federal RFPs are typically between $5 -10K+. A general proposal template starts $450 for 6 pages.

As a conscious company, BONUM believes in fair pricing practices and transparency.  Our pricing is competitive with the market to meet the needs of our clients while making a profit to contribute to our community, staff, and investors. Minimums are subject to change to meet livable wage standards.

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Business Meeting


     Strategy          Standard          Focused

         Call               Advising           Advising

     1 hour                5x 1 hour             10x 1 hour

    $120                      $570                     $1080
                                 Save 5%               Save 10%


     Basic    Standard    Premium

    [Seed]        [Grow]           [Thrive]

Review & Critique Past Plan

Executive Summary

Company Description

Industry & Competitor Analysis

Customer Analysis

Tailored Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis

Financial Forecast

Outreach Message



Delivery Time


   4                    7                      10

   1                    2                       3

   7                   14                     29

$450             $750               $1050

Business Plan starter pricing, a product of strategic planning services. *Exact page count varies. Costs can range between $3,000 and $20,000 for 30+ pages depending on complexity.

[Request Sent]


BONUM monitors quality through a multi-faceted process involving specialists, administrators, and external stakeholders.  The process is structured to insure alignment between BONUM's services, client expectations, and industry standards. BONUM employs a cyclical process of data gathering, reporting, and resultant actions to make data driven decisions for continuous examination and improvement of its services in the following areas:


  • Aptitude: BONUM screens all specialists to ensure they are highly qualify and the best fit for each project.  Specialists are then given an orientation, program specific preparation, and regular check-ins with their program manager. 

  • Research and Consultancy: BONUM uses research-based practices to aide in the development of effective methods and contribute to our industries.

  • Customer Relations: BONUM solicits and incorporates client feedback to improve services and ensure projects are meeting expectations.  This is done through regular check-ins, assessments, reports, and surveys.

  • Governance and Leadership: BONUM harnesses sound governance and leadership principles by building and sustaining a strong vision, sharing leadership, and using data to drive decisions.

  • Innovative Practices: To remain leaders in the industry BONUM encourages innovative practices and continual professional development.

In an environment of continual improvement, we have perfected this process to promote success.  We are more than happy to provide our clients reports on our Key Performance Indicators.

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