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6 Ways to Cultivate Resilience at Work

Entrepreneurship, furthering education or exploring personal interests in this time of change involves a certain level of risk related vulnerably which is an intrinsic aspect of growth. But with vulnerably, rejection and often times continual rejection can feel devastating. The ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity is essential in today’s context.

Find Perspective

Despair, anger, and confusion after receiving unexpected negative feedback at work is natural. Reacting is instinctive and emotion-driven, however responding is an objective approach. Mental agility is the ability to transition your mind from reacting to stress to responding. Build resilience by remembering during reaction, most thoughts are personal opinions based on the narrow experience of life. Comments about you, are more about the psychological state and understanding of the person speaking. Their comments are based on their own projection of who they imagine you to be and not who you are. By finding perspective you can maintain objectivity and respond accordingly.

Establish Work - Life Balance

If your life’s purpose is tied to only one thing, when a challenge inevitability occurs in that area you will experience an existential disorienting dilemma. Explore an individual and a share purpose and find various outlets for those purposes. Hobbies, a side hustle, relationships, and trying new things, builds resilience at work by finding value and drive in more than one area.

Demonstrate Self-Compassion

Perfectionism sets an impossible standard which negates the transformative power of making mistakes. Toxic positivity makes an enemy of negative emotions which play an essential role in navigating life. Shaming yourself for an error will only increase and prolong challenges. Practice self-care and compassion. Know by virtue of your existence, you are deserving of being accepted and appreciated for who you are. You do not need to be convinced of your self-worth by taking on society’s demands and living up to external expectations.

Develop a Support Network

Mentors and lending ears can come in the shape of your colleagues, acquaintances – even your Twitter network. They provide perspective, exchange knowledge and share resources. A network can be leveraged to create an action space conducive to growth. A dynamic support network is diverse with complimentary skills. Remember to reach out for help, and provide support to others.

Make a Responsive Comeback

Something happened which knocked you off your feet. Once you have taken the time to reflect and relax, take action. Vision cast your plan with potential outcomes. See how you can take back your career narrative. The next time someone rejects your application or your product does sale, take rejection as redirection and objectively move forward. Success comes from persistence. If you can take what you have been given and transcend the challenge, you’ll have truly developed resilience.

Keep Working at Resilience

Resilience does not happen overnight, but over time and experience. Keep strategizing and reflecting. Re-draw your comeback plan if it does not work. Fortify your overall mental strength with a routine of self-care activities: exercising, eating a balanced diet, sleeping soundly, connecting socially, and asking for help. The positive effects of these changes are transformative. Physical and mental health are one and the same. Tackling them holistically is a good way to build resilience.

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