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  • BONUM Staff

Transforming an Aging Organization through Professional Development

What is old can be cool again. Just like

we’ve dusted off our old leggings and graphic tees, an aging organization can make a killer come back. As an organization ages its image and business practices can become trapped in time losing market relevance and being stuck in its ways. One valuable weapon against obscurity is professional development. A cutting edge organization is comprised of cutting edge people armed with the information and skills to do great things. Breathe life back into your organization with revitalized professional development curriculum, diversity in its delivery, and a targeted audience.

Revitalize the Curriculum: Information evolves- what is known is continually revised and expanded upon. To stay relevant, an organization needs the latest information as close to the source as possible.

  1. Identify key topics that would have the most impact on the organization

  2. Gather the latest information, research, and changes within the industry

  3. Update the curriculum while incorporating the values of a trailblazing organization

Diversify the Delivery: The updated curriculum will not go far unless the audience is paying attention. Give the audience a reason to listen by providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

  1. Recruit and train instructors that the target audience would find compelling

  2. Ensure objectives and methods coincide with the needs and learning styles of the audience

  3. Vary the mode of delivery based on the preferences of the audience

Target Audience: Retaking first place will not happen overnight, but the wave of change is more effective with the support of key people within the organization creating momentum and recruiting others.

  1. Target influencers within the organizations to be one of the firsts to receive the training

  2. Create a buzz around the training with a low risk means of participation

  3. Transform those influencers into ambassadors that share their experiences with their network

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