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Get Out of the Box!

Release party, launch

This year Cinco De Mayo marked the Mexican army's victory over Napoleon III, AND the album release party of Stone Driver, hosted by 1776 and Goodworld. While mingling among amazing entrepreneurs and reflecting on my week, I was reminded how important it is to break down the boundaries of what is expected, the lines that people use to define us. Standing in front of this crowd was singer/ co-founder/ professor John Gossart. One person, multiple identities.

In the Army, others struggled to understand I could be both physically strong and intelligent (and a woman, what!?). During my PhD studies, it was are you a theorist or practitioner. Now, in trying to fit me neatly into a box, are you a visionary or a processor. I'm both. I'm multi. We don't have to live in a world of either - or. These are dualities that limit and leads us to false assumptions.

I first heard of "slash" careers from Brene Brown's, Gifts of Imperfection. The author describes people redefining their work identity to feed their multi-dimensional self... parent/CEO... lawyer/designer. It makes sense right? An entire generation was told if you want to be successful you need to be a "well rounded individual". Well, here we are.

Special thanks to the amazing entrepreneurs that kept me company last night: Daniel Turner, Konstantin Brazhnik, Nancy Belmont, and Rob Quartel. Glad we met!

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