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  • BONUM Staff

Our [International] Small Business Family

BONUM business solutions dinner

The start of May marks Small Business Month, a time to consciously acknowledge the value of and appreciate small businesses. At BONUM, I like to think we do that everyday.

It is with intentionality that we focus on serving internationally-minded small businesses. Small businesses have an immense impact on their local communities and our local communities are no longer bounded by the lines on a map. With increased diversity, globalization, and technology our local communities are international- whether it’s an American owned company breaking into a foreign market or a foreign owned company working in the U.S.

There is strength in this internationality- with it comes diversity of background, experience, and perspective. This is how we innovate. [Dare, I say it?] This is how we change the world. We challenge ourselves to see past what is known, to see things from a different point of view, we pair our knowledge with that of another's and are stronger for doing so.

Besides, its just really fun sitting around a table with people from six countries and eating Korean barbecue.

"Time is money" -Greek

"No one spits on money" -Korean

"Without money; without hands" -Ukrainian

"Money can bribe the gods" -Chinese

"When money talks, truth keeps silent" -Russian

From our small business to yours, Happy Small Business Month! May our futures be bright, profitable, and socially responsible.

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