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Crunch of a Night @1776 Challenge Cup

"You have to take the wings and the legs off first?!" My career has taken me many interesting places and working with the international community I've eaten a variety of food, but grasshopper - this was a first. It was crunchy... tasted a lot like a rice cake... I ate tiny eyeballs... they're windows into the soul bhaaa.

The grasshoppers were a part of a pitch by Hargol FoodTech, that presents them as a renewable and generally superior source of protein and its hahal. Another favorite was Madorra whose mission is to fight vaginal dryness. Ladyloves everywhere will thank you. Check out the full list of participants and spread the word on your favorite.

The venue (the Anthem) was gorgeous, food tasty and companionship amazing, but its easy to get lost in a trendy world of people vying for attention and funding. What we forget is the transitory nature of startups and business. 50% of businesses fail in the first year, 80% within 5, 96% in 10. At an INC conference a few years ago, a serial entrepreneur spoke on failure. Listed on one side of his business card all his companies that failed; on the other all his growing and thriving companies. Failure will never feel natural or good, but lets all try to remember its a part of the game (no one is immune) and it can lead to greater things. Some ideas are meant to grow, while others are meant to feed.

Enjoy these types of evening for the community of practice and the sharing of ideas in a creative space. Best of luck to all the amazing entrepreneurs I saw last night.

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